VoiceOver: fostering victim engagement and leadership

Jul 24, 2023

VoiceOver recognizes that every successful social movement is guided by those directly affected by injustice. Therefore, it invests in the training and leadership of trafficking victims and in our capacity to support their healing and autonomy as they take center stage in antitrafficking efforts.

In doing so, the project will equip anti-trafficking organizations with the knowledge and tools to work with victims as true partners and elevate their voices.

Specifically, the project will:

  • build victim-informed capacity by training 90 staff to engage and work with victim activists safely
  • empower 20 victims to participate in crafting programs, making policy decisions, and providing peer support to other victims
  • provide trauma-informed and gender-sensitive assistance to 90 trafficked persons through peer-mentoring
  • facilitate the social and labor integration of 60 trafficked persons through peer-based programs.
  • increase awareness of victim engagement in the anti-trafficking community through a replicable evidence-based model for NGOs, a set of recommendations for decision-makers, five podcasts, and two international events
  • stimulate a debate within the antitrafficking community about communicating with dignity and respect about people impacted by human trafficking.

Co-funded by the European Union, VoiceOver is implemented by EqualityCoop (IT), MIST (FR), Fondacion Cruz Blanca (ES), ADPARE (RO), Iuav University of Venice (IT), and Payoke (BE).